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Welcome to our online home where we will be sharing all about our adventures together, delicious recipes we create, and gorgeous weddings we are blessed to photograph! 

WE'RE Michelle & sara

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June 6, 2017

  Wrightsville Beach Anniversary Vacation Oh my, I truly wish that I was back at the beach currently sipping fruity pool drinks while soaking up the sun! Since I shared a little bit of our vacation on Instagram live and received so many questions. I wanted to answer all of them in a single post […]

May 23, 2017

Vacation Week | Personal Have you ever been at the point that you feel unmotivated? The work that you love so dearly just falls flat? Can you guess what you feel? BURNT OUT.  We believe that the best of the best even get to this point. It does not mean that you don’t love what […]

May 16, 2017

  Packing Tips | Sara Edition I use to be that packer that packed EVERYTHING except the kitchen sink. I began one of those packers that was afraid that as soon as I decide to leave something behind, I would NEED it so I would take it all. Then when I was on the trip, […]

April 18, 2017

From Friendship to a Sisterhood | Personal (Sara POV): Hitting year number ten of friendship with some of these ladies (one is more like 13 years) just blows me away. I believe that there is a point where you pass the notion of just being really good friends, to becoming sisters. To really knowing, trusting, […]

April 6, 2017

The Dreams Of Traveling To Italy Again | Personal We can’t believe that it already has been about eight months since we have been to Italy! NINE MONTHS. Nine months of missing Italy. From the amazing dinners, meeting family and friends, and exploring the magical world of Italy. Michelle and I are dreaming up how […]

March 21, 2017

A Childhood Tradition | Personal “Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, beauty and the beast…” As a mother you never seem to forget those moments in your child’s life. You remember those moments of when they first started to crawl, to walk, and to run. How they go from cuddles on […]

March 9, 2017

    Our “Why” | Business & Personal We thank you for coming back to our blog week after week, which is beyond amazing to us. We love this time that we get to have with you. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life we wanted to take a second to tell you the […]

February 23, 2017

2017 Home Update Hello friends, and welcome to another round of home updates for 2017! I really love working on these blog posts! Why? It shows more into who I am and what I love, which is everything in my home! Currently, my house is a mess because Jake and I are getting a new […]

January 19, 2017

January 5th, 2016 – January 5th, 2017 | Owning A Home For A Year I will tell you that my fingers took a while to hit the keys on the keyboard to type words. To tell you about owning a home has been a crazy adventure that I surely don’t want it to end. I […]

January 12, 2017

  We haven’t seen a snow storm in North Carolina without gallons of sleet or ice in a VERY long time! It has probably been around when I was a child that I saw snow like that. Eight inches of pure fluffy snow was the absolute the best! What we didn’t care for? When the […]


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