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Packing Tips!


May 16, 2017


Packing Tips | Sara Edition

I use to be that packer that packed EVERYTHING except the kitchen sink. I began one of those packers that was afraid that as soon as I decide to leave something behind, I would NEED it so I would take it all. Then when I was on the trip, I wouldn’t even touch it once. That or even half of the things I actually did pack.

No seriously. My packing skills began so bad that Jake would have to triple check the bags. Jake’s favorite story to tell about my awful packing was when I literally packed the BIGGEST suitcase for just ME for a weekend camping trip. I rolled out with that suitcase and he just laughed so hard. Looking back I see how ridiculous I looked rolling out that suitcase for just me, but it yearn to learn how to pack better.

So, I youtubed a LOT of videos about packing and their favorite tips to share. I think I was scaring Jake with how bloodshot my eyes became, haha! It was not an easy process, but through learning how to pack more efficiently, it has given more freedom in where I travel! So let me share with you some of my top packing tips for your next road trip!

-PACKING CUBES: First I thought these were just a bunch of nonsense, but these are such a life saver! When traveling everything has its place, clothes are less likely to wrinkle, and you can hide more of those delicate pieces of clothing away! My favorite packing cubes I purchased off of amazon and they are like the best things ever.

-PACK OPTIONS: I really didn’t understand the concept of packing options until I heard it said this way. “If you have 1 pair of jeans, how many different pair of shirts could go with that? All the shirts that you pack!” Instead of packing ALL of the options, pack simply a few. Stick to the rule of thirds, not the photography trick, but the packing tip! Pack your pants, dresses, shoes, etc in threes. One casual, one dressy, and one for comfort!

– CHECK THE WEATHER: seriously, this is something I know everyone thinks about, but no one really mentions it when it comes to packing! Weather = what you can or cannot/should or should not bring on a trip! If it looks like a lot of rain, then make sure you pack x,y, and z!

-KEEP SIMILAR THINGS TOGETHER: This will be a lifesaver when you are looking for something and can find it because of the way you packed! Whether it be on a plane or traveling by car, packing items similar together saves time. Liquids together, electronics together, cords together, trust me this is worth the extra time you spend organizing it.

There you have it, my four top packing tips that will help you pack like a pro! If you have a packing tip that isn’t mentioned, please write us below to tell us all about it!

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