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Welcome to our online home where we will be sharing all about our adventures together, delicious recipes we create, and gorgeous weddings we are blessed to photograph! 

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May Goals | Business


May 11, 2017

May Goals | Business

It has been a while since Sara and I have posted about our monthly goals, so we figured that this was the perfect month to bring it back around!

1. SECRET PROJECT. We have been working on a secret project for over a month now! We still have a lot of work to do, but sadly, we still cannot share it with you just yet! It will be coming to you very soon!

2. REST. Sara and I have a bad habit of just going-going-going and we forget to rest. We are trying very hard to focus on a rest period in our office hours, our personal life, and just really focus that we don’t have to work harder, just smarter. Use the time that we have to work diligently.

3. WORK-BASE RETREAT. This is still high up in the works, but we love to talk but we never seem to feel like we have enough time for it. So we want to plan a MRP retreat where we take time to work our core as a business!

4. MORNING AND NIGHT ROUTINE. This is a huge one for both of us that don’t really follow a set rule. We found that a routine, during the morning and night, is so beneficial for your health. It really signals to your body that you should wake up or get ready for bed! Getting of the phone, unplugging, spending time with our spouses, and reading more our starting place!

If you have any helpful hints, tips, or goals that you want to share – share them below!!

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